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HATCHBACK 1100 6 80 1500 16 80
SEDAN 1300 6 80 1700 17 80
XYLO/TAVERA 1900 6 80 2400 21 100
HILLS FARS Rs. 500/-
20 150

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Book Cab - Hire Taxi from Salem To Yercaud @ Just Rs. 1100/-

Yercaud is situated in Salem district, Tamil Nadu. It is situated 32 km away from Salem. The name Yercaud comes from the word “Yeri – Kaadu” meaning Lake Forest. It is also called as the “Jewel of the South”. Visiting Yercaud is less expensive while comparing the visits of Ooty and Kodaikanal.

Transportation to Yercaud is made easy from Salem. There are frequent local bus services from Salem to Yercaud. The nearest Railway station is at Salem as Salem is the major Junction in this region. The nearest Airports from Yercaud are at Tiruchirappalli (152 km) , Coimbatore (160km) and Bangalore(186 Km).

Yercaud is an enchanting Hill Station. There are 20 hair pin bends in Yercaud. Trekking is the most enjoyable way to spend time here. The weather in Yercaud ranges from 16 degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius. The best time to visit Yercaud is from October to June when the weather is pleasant and conducive enough to enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities. The summer season is from March to June during which the summer festival is celebrated here.

If you are gifted you are sure to have the vision of Bison, Deer, Rabbits, Hares, Foxes, Mongoose, Squirrels, Partridges, Snakes, Bulbuls, Kites, Sparrows, Swallows and the Bird of Paradise in Yercaud.

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Popular Places in Yercaud:

1. Yercaud Lake:

It is the best and the first attraction for a Tourist. Boating in the cold water of the lake is enchanting as well as refreshing during your visit.

2. The 32-Km Loop Road:

It takes about 36 Km ride. The road leads to the villages of Semmantham, Nagalur, Manjakuttai and Kaveri Peak. It's quite narrow in places; it would be enchanting to go on cycling. This trip offers the taste of culture, the essence of lives, imprints of the heritage and the varied developments of the hill station.

3. Lady's Seat:

Through the Telescope mounted at the Lady’s seat watch tower the tourists are ensured to have a beautiful view of the plains below and Mettur Dam on the Cauvery River.

4. Killiyur Falls:

The waterfalls is located 3Km away from the Yercaud Lake. It gives you the best experience if you visit after the Monsoon seasons.

5. The Anna Park:

The Park is located near the Lake. There are variety collections of many species of plants from the hill found here. Annual Flower show is the summer attraction during the month of May every year.

6. Pagoda Point:

It is located 5away Km from the Yercaud Lake. The local tribes have built rocks like a pyramid. This is called as Pyramid Point.

7. The Servaroyan Temple:

It is a narrow cave temple dedicated to Lord Shervaroyan and Goddess Kaveri. The Tribals gather here in thousands to celebrate their Annual Festival in the month of May every Year.